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COVID-19 Emergency Response FUNDS

The health and wellbeing of our community is Reidsville Area Foundation’s top priority. Reidsville Area Foundation will continue to accept grant requests surrounding our four funding priorities: early childhood, public education, community development, and health and wellness. In addition, we have created COVID-19 Emergency Response Grants, a funding support structure for organizations in Rockingham County that are highly impacted by COVID-19. We see our role as helping our community partners by supporting local response efforts and building bridges over obstacles for residents. 

Reidsville Area Foundation will deploy COVID-19 Emergency Response Grants rapidly through an expedited application process to community based organizations responding to the immediate needs of residents during the pandemic. We have mobilized a review process to make decisions as quickly as possible. Public charities, governmental units, and public institutions that serve Rockingham County residents are eligible to apply. You may access the application and more information by clicking here.

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